How to Print Your Asnuntuck Community College Course Schedule and Transcript

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Printing your Asnuntuck Community College course schedule and transcript is easy! Follow these simple steps to get it done without any fuss.

Important Note: Don’t use Internet Explorer when dealing with Blackboard (Bb) – it doesn’t work well. Microsoft isn’t updating it anymore, so it won’t support Bb properly.

  1. Login:
    • Everyone, including students, faculty, and staff, usually goes to Blackboard via the myCommNet website. Just click here to log in.
    • Sign in using your full NetID, like, and click “Next” after entering your password.
  2. Enter Banner:
    • Once you’re in, look to the top right and click on Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service to enter Banner.
  3. Select Asnuntuck:
    • Find your course schedule or transcript by selecting Asnuntuck.
  4. For Transcript:
    • If you want to print your transcript, follow these steps:
      • Click on STUDENT RECORDS.
      • Then, click Transcripts.
      • If it’s unofficial, click View Unofficial Transcript to print it.
      • If you need an official one for another institution, click Request Official Transcript.
    • For Unofficial Transcript:
      • After you’ve selected the transcript level, click “CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT” to print.
  5. For Course Schedule:
    • If you just need your course schedule, follow these steps:
      • Then, click Student Schedule.
      • Choose the term you want, and click “CLICK HERE TO PRINT CLASS SCHEDULE” to print.

And that’s it! Easy, right? Now you have your course schedule and transcript in hand.

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