Central Connecticut State University Academics: Your Guide to Majors And Programs

Central Connecticut State University Academics: Your Guide to Majors And Programs

Student-Faculty Ratio

At CCSU, the student-faculty ratio is 14 to 1. That means for every 14 students, there’s one faculty member. In about 43.5% of classes, there are fewer than 20 students. So, you won’t get lost in the crowd.

Popular Majors:

Wondering what students are into? Well, the top majors include Business, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Computer Sciences, Communication, Engineering, Education, and Health Professions. If you’re thinking about what to study, these are good places to start.

Freshman Retention Rate:

The freshman retention rate is a solid 75%. That’s a good sign – it means most freshmen stick around, which usually says something positive about the school.

Majors Breakdown:

For the Class of 2022 graduates, the breakdown of majors looks like this:

  • Business, Management, Marketing: 25%
  • Social Sciences: 15%
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences: 7%
  • Psychology: 7%
  • Computer and Information Sciences: 6%
  • And a mix of others.

Academic Programs & Offerings

CCSU offers a range of degrees – certificates, bachelor’s, post-bachelor’s certificates, master’s, and even doctorates. They also have some combined-degree programs, like going from a Bachelor’s in Accounting to a Master’s in Business Administration. Fancy!

Faculty & Classes

The faculty-student vibe is pretty good with a 14:1 ratio. Most classes have between 20 and 49 students, and a good chunk, 43.5%, have fewer than 20. So, you’ll likely get to know your professors and classmates.

Graduation & Retention

The graduation rates and freshman retention rate are important numbers. The freshman retention rate shows that students are generally happy, and the graduation rates give you an idea of how many students complete their degrees.

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