University of South Florida EES Program

Are you curious about what the upcoming academic session at the University of South Florida (USF) will look like for Electrical Engineering students? Let’s delve into the details to provide you with the necessary information.

EES Program

The Electrical Engineering program at USF is renowned for its excellence and innovation. As you prepare to embark on your academic journey, it’s essential to understand the unique structure and requirements of this program.

Application Process Simplified

To kickstart your application process, visit the USF website and navigate to the EES program page. Click on “Apply Now” to create or log in to your account. Fill out the application form, review it, submit, and pay the $30 application fee. Keep track of your admission progress by regularly checking your dashboard.

Admission Requirements Made Clear: USF has specific requirements for freshmen and transfer students. Freshmen applicants must be high school graduates with a GPA ranging from 4.10 to 4.59 and SAT scores between 1250 and 1390 or ACT scores between 27 and 31.

Transfer students need at least 11 college credits post-high school. Ensure you meet these criteria for a smooth application process.

Important Dates to Remember: Mark your calendar with these crucial dates for the application process. The priority application deadline is November 1, with admissions decisions starting on December 8.

Complete your Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR) by January 15 for priority admission. The final application deadline is March 1, with enrollment confirmation due by May 1.

Creating Your Student Account: Having a student account streamlines your school activities. Visit the USF website, click on “Sign Up” or “Create Account,” and fill in the necessary details. Once your account is confirmed, log in with your username and password to access your student portal conveniently.

Tuition and Fees

In-state tuition at USF is $6,410, while out-of-state tuition is $17,324, including tuition and fees. These fees may cover student centers, technology resources, libraries, gyms, and health clinics. Verify your tuition and fees on your student portal and make payments accordingly.

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