Latest Update on Recruitment of General Nursing Applicants – Ministry of Health

Latest Update on Recruitment of General Nursing Applicants – Ministry of Health

The management of the Ministry of Health (MoH) via it official Facebook page has cleared the air concerning the recruitment of general nursing applicants.

According to the management, it has not started recruitment for general nursing. Henceforth any information claiming that recruitment is ongoing should be considered as false.

This comes as a result of a fake statement purported to be an official statement from the management of the Ministry of Health.

The purported statement communicates that the Health Ministry is receiving applications from qualified applicants who completed nursing training from the year 2019 to 2023.

Below is the purported statement 

Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal.

This portal has been designed to enable qualified, registered health professionals who have been granted financial clearance by the Ministry of Finance to apply for positions in the agencies listed below.

Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal

How do I Register for Ministry of Health Recruitment 

Below are the steps to follow to register for Ministry of Health Recruitment.

1.Please register on Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal with your valid email and phone number.

2. Login with details created and click on International Clearance.

3. Select your service provider, enter your MoMo number and click on Make Payment to pay for the clearance form.

4. Once transaction is confirmed and successful you will get access to the form.

5. Complete the online form and printout.

6. Take Printout Form through the neccessary signing and submit the fully signed form to the Ministry of Health for further processing.

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Will Nurses Pay Money For Recruitment?

The public is kindly informed that the Ministry of Health does not charge money for recruitment and postings, therefore all applicants are advised not to make any payment for this recruitment, and whoever pays, does so at their own risk. Any person who demands money should be reported to the Chief Director of the Ministry.

How do I login into Ministry of Health as a Registered officer ?

Login in onto your portal as an officer who has already registered takes few steps.

1. Click on this link Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal

2. Login with your index number/ pin and password.

3. Doctors should login using their index and registration numbers without the character.  Eg. Eg. MDC/RN/10316 should be MDCRN10316.

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Will Nurses be Posted in 2024?

Nurses who have completed government accredited nursing training college and have also done their one year mandatory national service will be posted this year.

The management of the Ministry of Health is yet to open the recruitment portal for this category of Health officers to apply for postings. The Ministry of Health will make is public when ever it officially opens the portal.

Which Recruitment is Currently Ongoing at MoH?

From the Health Ministry, the current ongoing recruitment is for medical and dental officers. Dental and medical officers are required to visit the Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal to apply.

Are the Nursing Forms out for 2024?

The Nursing training forms for 2024-2025 is expected to be available on sale from the month of April 2024.

The Ministry of Health will officially makes it public across the various mediums of communication when the portal is opened.

The portal will be opened for interested applicants who have successfully passed their WASSCE or SSSCE exams.

Where To Purchase Nursing Training Admission Forms 2024

The nursing training college forms will be available for purchase as all branches of Ghana Commercial Bank and all branches of Ghana Post Offices across the country.


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