University of Illinois at Chicago Application Deadline 2024

Are you aiming to apply to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) but feeling lost about the application deadline?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s all you need to know about the application deadline, requirements, and how to apply hassle-free.

Understanding the Application Deadline

UIC boasts a 79% acceptance rate, meaning it’s pretty open to applicants from all corners. For SAT scores, they’re looking at a range of 1120–1320, while for ACT, it’s 24–30.

Mark Your Calendars: For regular applications, mark February 15th on your calendar if you’re applying for Fall. If you’re transferring for Fall, aim for February 1st. Missing these dates means your application won’t be reviewed until the next opening.

How to Apply: Start your application journey by visiting UIC’s official website. Head to the “Admission & Aid” section and hit “Apply now.” If you’re new, sign up, fill in the required details, and you’re good to go.

Admission Requirements: To be considered for admission, you’ll need a strong high school GPA and rank. The school also recommends College Prep Courses for all applicants. While SAT/ACT scores aren’t mandatory, they’re still considered if you submit them. Don’t forget to include recommendation letters – they’re crucial.

Creating Your Account: Creating an account is a breeze. Just head to the portal login page, click “Create an Account,” and fill in your details. Once done, you’ll receive a confirmation message. If you ever forget your password, resetting it is a piece of cake.

Checking Your Admission Status: Once you’ve applied, keep an eye on your admission status. UIC usually sends admission letters via email. Log in to the website, use the “Check Status” option, and track your progress. You can even download and print your admission letter for safekeeping.

Tuition & Fees Deadline

Got accepted? Congratulations! Now, let’s talk payments. Tuition and fees are due by the 28th of each month. Fall and spring quarter bills come in September and February, respectively. You can pay online through various methods or explore payment plans if needed.

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