Types of Jobs in the UK for International Students 2024

Types of Jobs in the UK for International Students

Here are the types of jobs in the UK for international students for the year 2024. For many international students studying in the UK, finding a job is essential to offset the high cost of living and tuition fees.

In this article, we will explore the types of jobs available for international students in the UK.

1. On-Campus Jobs

One of the most accessible options for international students is to seek employment on their university or college campus. These on-campus jobs can range from working at the university library, cafeteria, or administrative offices. These positions often offer flexible hours, allowing students to balance work and study commitments.

On-campus jobs also provide an opportunity to interact with fellow students and gain valuable work experience.

2. Off-Campus Jobs

International students in the UK are also eligible to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations.

Some examples of off-campus job opportunities available, such as retail, hospitality, tutoring, and administrative roles. These jobs allow students to gain practical work experience and earn a supplementary income to support their living expenses.

3. Internships and Placements

Many universities in the UK offer internship and placement programs as part of their curriculum. These opportunities allow students to gain industry-specific experience and develop professional skills.

International students can explore internships in fields such as business, engineering, healthcare, and technology. Some internships may be paid, providing students with valuable work experience and financial compensation.

4. Freelancing and Remote Work

Freelancing and remote work is another type of job in UK for international sudents. Students with skills in graphic design, web development, writing, and digital marketing can consider freelance opportunities to earn income.

Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer offer a range of freelance projects that international students can work on from the comfort of their accommodation.

5. Part-Time Teaching and Tutoring

For international students with expertise in specific academic subjects, part-time teaching and tutoring can be a rewarding job option.

Many UK students seek tutoring for subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, and test preparation.

6. Bar and Restaurant Work

The UK hospitality industry provides ample opportunities for international students to work part-time in bars, restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

Working in the hospitality industry can also provide international students with valuable customer service and communication skills.

7. Work Study Programs

Some universities and colleges in the UK offer work study programs that provide students with financial aid in exchange for part-time work.

These programs offer opportunities to work in various departments within the institution, such as research, administrative support, and academic assistance.

students studying in the UK have access to a diverse range of job opportunities to support themselves financially while pursuing their education.


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