Gateway Community College Application

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Gateway Community College is a public school that keeps things straightforward. No need for fancy words – just the facts about this accessible college.

Gateway Community College sits in the heart of New Haven, with 6,003 students ready to learn. We follow a semester schedule, and our student-faculty ratio is a manageable 15-to-1. Offering associate degrees, we believe in open admissions and even give credit for life experiences.

Affordable Tuition

Let’s talk money. For the 2020-2021 school year, in-state students paid $4,516, and out-of-state students paid $13,448. Applying is a breeze with a $20 application fee – a small step toward a big future.

Diverse Programs:

What’s your interest? With 54 fields to choose from, we’ve got options for everyone. Whether it’s Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nursing, or General Studies, you can find a program that suits you.

Student Demographics

Meet our crew – 37% guys and 63% gals, making a total of 6,003 awesome individuals. Check out the map – our campus is right there in New Haven, Connecticut, ready for you to explore.

Quick Glance

Here’s the rundown: city setting, $4,516 for in-state tuition, 6,003 students, and a medium-sized campus. Visit our website to learn more – it’s your gateway to success!

Admissions Info

Getting in is a breeze. The application fee? Just $20. Open admission? Absolutely. In Fall 2023, 1,736 students walked through our doors, ready to rock their education journey.

Academic Life

We keep it real with a 51% full-time retention rate and 42% for part-timers. Graduation rate is 10%, but hey, community college is about diverse goals – not just degrees.

Student Life

With 6,003 students on board, we’ve got a mix of full-timers (1,902) and part-timers (4,101). The variety is what makes us tick.

Diversity Snapshot

Our college is a melting pot – 37% White, 28% Hispanic/Latino, 24% Black or African American, and a sprinkle of Asian, Two or more races, and more. It’s a community that reflects the world.

Campus Services

Guess what? We’ve got it all. Distance education, employment services, credit for life experiences, academic counseling – you name it, we’ve got your back.

Financial Support

We know education costs money, and we’re here to help. 62% of undergrads get some grant or scholarship aid. The average? A cool $4,581. That’s money for your dreams.

Paying for School

Let’s break it down. In-state tuition? $4,516. Out-of-state? $13,448. Books and supplies? Budget around $1,200. Know what you’re in for and plan smart.

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