Full Sail Tuition, Costs, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Full Sail tuition can be Stressfull, but fear not! Here’s a detailed guide to help you grasp the costs, available scholarships, and options for financial aid.

Tuition Costs:

Full Sail tuition varies depending on the program you choose. For undergraduate programs, tuition ranges from $22,940 to $75,500 per year. Graduate programs cost between $24,000 and $51,000 annually. Keep in mind that these fees don’t cover additional expenses like housing, textbooks, or transportation.

Estimated Cost of Attendance:

The total cost of attending Full Sail includes tuition, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation. For on-campus students living in university housing, the estimated cost ranges from $44,750 to $98,610 per year. For off-campus students, it’s approximately $41,390 to $94,000 annually.

Financial Aid:

Full Sail University offers a dedicated financial aid department to guide students through the process of paying for their education. Financial aid comes in various forms from different sources, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs.


Full Sail University provides several scholarships to assist eligible students in funding their education. The Academic Advantage Scholarship Program offers financial support to qualifying students, with associate’s degree candidates eligible for up to $5,000 in their first year and $7,500 in subsequent years. Bachelor’s degree candidates can receive up to $6,000 in their first year and $15,000 over the course of their program.

The Creative Minds Scholarship recognizes high school seniors with exceptional writing and visual communication skills who are passionate about careers in entertainment media and technology. Eligible participants in Full Sail’s degree programs can receive up to $25,000 through this scholarship.

Grants and Loans:

Grants are a form of financial aid that typically doesn’t require repayment, while loans must be repaid with interest. Full Sail offers various grant options to eligible students, along with both governmental and private loan options.

Work-Study Programs:

Full Sail’s Work-Study program allows students to earn money through various career opportunities while attending school. This program offers additional financial support to help offset tuition costs.

To make Full Sail tuition more manageable, it’s essential to explore all available options, including scholarships, financial aid, and alternative housing arrangements. By doing so, you can pursue your educational and professional goals without compromising your financial stability.

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