Charter Oak State College Admission Requirements

Charter Oak State College Requirements for Admission
Charter Oak State College Requirements for Admission

When it comes to getting into Charter Oak State College, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Let’s break it down into easy-to-understand steps:

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is like the key to how tough it is to get in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the specific rate for Charter Oak State College. If you’re curious, just shoot an email to the admission office.

GPA Requirements

Most schools have a minimum GPA requirement, but Charter Oak doesn’t spill the beans on what that is. They didn’t tell us the average GPA either, so it’s a bit of a mystery. Do a quick Google search to see if anything’s changed.

Testing – SAT and ACT

Charter Oak hasn’t shouted about their stance on SAT and ACT tests. It’s not clear if they require them or if they’re optional. No need to stress about it too much.

SAT/ACT Writing Section

They’re not fussy about the SAT Essay or ACT Writing section. It’s all optional for Charter Oak State College, so you can breathe easy.

Application Requirements

Every school needs some basic stuff – high school transcripts, the application form, and other essential info. Charter Oak State College is no different.

  • Application Fee: $50 – that’s what it costs to throw your hat in the ring.
  • Fee Waiver: If money’s tight, they do offer a fee waiver.

Deadlines and Early Admissions

For regular admission, there’s no specific deadline mentioned. They don’t do early action or early decision, so you’ve got some flexibility.

Contacting Admissions: If you’re curious and want more info, just reach out to the admissions office at (860) 515-3800 or drop them an email at

Other Schools: If Charter Oak State College caught your eye, you might want to check out other similar schools.

The difficulty levels can vary, so it’s good to have options.

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