2024 University of Cincinnati Tuition Fees

Considering whether the University of Cincinnati is worth the tuition? Let’s dive into understanding the tuition fees and other expenses associated with attending this institution.

Tuition and Cost

The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee ensures consistent tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board rates for up to four or five years, depending on the length of the student’s academic program. This scheme is available for undergraduate degree-seeking first-year and transfer students at Uptown or regional campuses.

Here’s a breakdown of the student budget for the 2023-2023 cohort:

  • Full-time (Per Semester) at UC Uptown:
    • Ohio Resident: $6,588.00
    • Online Program: $6,768.00
    • Indiana/Kentucky Metropolitan Resident: $6,888.00
    • Non-Resident (Out of State): $14,255.00

Additional fees may apply, such as program fees, out-of-state surcharge, student health insurance, and special course fees.

Financial Aid Options

The University of Cincinnati aims to make high-quality education affordable for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Most students are eligible for some form of financial aid to help cover college costs.

  • Grants: These are awarded based on financial need and do not need to be repaid. Eligibility criteria may vary, and funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Work-Study: This program offers job opportunities to students to earn money and offset expenses. Eligibility depends on financial need and enrollment in a degree program.
  • Loans: Low-interest loans are available to help cover educational expenses, but they must be repaid. Only borrow what you need and be aware of repayment obligations.
  • Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are available based on academic credentials submitted with the application. The University offers various scholarships, including the Cincinnatus scholarship program, which awards renewable scholarships to incoming first-year students.

Application and Admission

The University of Cincinnati considers various factors for admission, including GPA and standardized test scores. The average unweighted high school GPA for accepted students is 3.69, and the acceptance rate is 76%.

While the University of Cincinnati is not an Ivy League institution, it is recognized as one of the top public universities in Cincinnati, Ohio

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